Many of us use agile methodologies because we want to be productive and successful, and we really care about our work. Having the right technology to support our agile practice is crucial to our productivity. As we understand your need, respect your reques.. That’s why we added Advanced Filtering and Saved/Shared Views to the gile Center. You liked that so much that we’ve now added it to other pages.

Expanded Filters and Shared Views

The Advanced Filtering feature allows users to quickly access the work you care about by enabling the creation of customized, savable views. It helps you better collaborate with team members—as well as those outside your team—by allowing these custom views to be shared with others, giving you a simple way to leverage the power of CA Agile Central while focusing the product to meet your needs.

Your feedback on Advanced Filtering helped us better understand and define how you want to be able to use this feature

quick Filters help you Find speciFic work items, like items you own, or do an open-ended search. You can set any Field you’d like as a quick Filter by clicking “+Add Filter.”

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Advanced filters help you look for powerful, complex conditions, such as open high-priority defects.

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If you have a new view you love, you can share it with others by using the shared/saved functionality. This will ensure your team is on the same page and thinking about their work items the same way.

Where to Find It

  • Portfolio->Portfolio Item page
  • Portfolio->Portfolio Kanban
  • Plan->Backlog page
  • Portfolio->Release Planning page
  • Quality->Defect Suites page
  • Plan->Timeboxes page
  • Custom List app
  • Subpages for the new Detail pages